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About the author:

Ila Quinn was born in Dublin and now lives in Wexford with her family and beloved corgi.  She has a love for rich cultures and chose to study history and web design in college. Ila is an avid reader of YA fiction, fantasy and romance and is an admirer of all types of literature and adaptations from novels to manga’s – both have distinctive art-styles with well-designed and interesting characters and allow for a variety of important and relevant worldly topics from love, war, history and social constructs. Fiction is central for development, growth and imagination, while fantasy only enhances our creative thinking. Ila has a vivid imagination and this is evident in her writing. Her adoration for writing began with fan fiction and grew immensely until she decided to take the next step by composing and publishing her debut novel.


Book 1 of the Eternal series Cinders & Rime is available in paperback and kindle, online and in bookstores.

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Ila is available to discuss book promotions, ideas, events and much more. Do not hesitate to contact her through any of the below links or by email

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It’s through stories that we begin to better understand who we are as individuals. Stories fuel our imagination and help us travel to far away lands, exploring creative approaches to difficult circumstances in life. Stories are a form of escapism.

Ila Quinn

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