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Welcome to the world of Velosia

The thrilling first book in
the Eternal series

The sins of the past always return to haunt the present. Always.

Asira Soniar grew up knowing very little of her ancestral home in the parallel world of Velosia. Her father, looking to protect his only child, did not speak of the terrible war responsible for tearing their family apart. Forced to flee everything he ever knew and loved, Kai Soniar escaped his realm after discovering a path to a new world where no one would look for him. That place was England.

As time passes, Asira quietly developed into an aspiring sorceress without ever knowing the truth of her family history. All she knows is that something really bad happened leading to the death of her mother and forcing her father to flee Velosia with her when she was young. Since then, her father wrapped himself in a layer of secrets and refused to speak of the past. Frustrated, Asira decides the time has come to discover the answers for herself. There’s only one problem, she has no one she can turn to for help. Having grown up in England she is forced to hide her true self from her closest friends.

Now 18 years old, Asira finds herself at school in her ancestral world of Velosia. Here, Asira learns that what she thought was only fairy tales and myths is true. Strange creatures and magic populate her life, forcing the young woman to grow beyond the limits of her father’s protective sphere. It is a risk that might doom her. For there are forces at play that have not forgotten him and are willing to stop at nothing to get revenge.

Navigating this new world will not be easy, but Asira must decide which direction she wants her life to go. The only certainty is it won’t be easy. History has a way of repeating itself, and Asira is about to be swept up in a storm she is not prepared for.

Illusions are a manipulation of the mind. Real magic is a manipulation of the environment.

Asira Soniar – Cinders & Rime

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