Enter the world with Cinders & Rime

Climb the mountains of the Bonum Kingdom, live the life of a humble farmer and pet the mountain sheep and goats. Upon the invitation of the vampiric Lady, checkout the the lavish black tie event of the Kalis Republic, exquisite paintings and meet the many cultural guests. Walk through Topaz Forest and enter through the door of the Velosian Academy as the next student.

Book Two of The Eternal Series is in the works. There will be twists and turns along the way. Surprising character returns. The Adventure continues with Asira and her friends. Danger is crawling from the deepest myths. Forces greater than time are waiting for her.

Shh… It’s a secret!

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Welcome to the world of Velosia

Enter a world parallel to our own. Divided into many kingdoms. A world home to many mythical races only heard about in fairytale.

The mer-folk are at home in the sea. The angels live alongside vast mountain ranges. The fairy kingdoms have nursed a bitter rivalry for centuries and still hold the same level of hostility today. The once small but thriving werewolf kingdom had been decimated in recent history. An entire species almost run into extinction by their natural enemy.

Velosia is abundant with fantastical myths and wonderous folklore. Open the cover and begin your journey.

The sins of the past always return to haunt the present.


Asira Soniar is a young sorceress. Living a normal life in England. Attending school, studying for exams and heading out at the weekend with her best friend. But a part of her had always wanted to travel and in particular, to the magical parallel world of Velosia. To her dismay and for many years, her father, Kai, had been very strict on this idea. Until one day an opportunity arose for her to study in a new academy. But was this chance of a lifetime a blessing or a curse?

Asira soon discovers that the grass is not always greener. Bitter rivalries separate kingdoms. Bloodshed has thorn Velosia apart. It it through her new classes that she learns of the cause and effect of the Great War. A terrible and frightening time in Velosia’s history that lasted decades.

Velosian Academy provides Asira with the chance to grow as a person and expand her knowledge as an aspiring sorceress. She is given the amazing opportunity to tour the kingdoms and rich cultures. Along the way, she also makes lifelong friends.

Having been given the chance to grow beyond her father’s protective sphere, Asira learns that her father has a dark past. The secrets creep back up from the deepest depts of his nightmares. The forces at play have not forgiven Kai and are willing to stop at nothing to get revenge.

Asira’s life is about to change forever.

Welcome to Velosia.

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