Once upon a time…

A young girl dreamt of herself lost in a vast landscape. She dreamt of exploring a world filled with magic, adventure and the desire to discover something beyond the confines of her normal life.

Cinders & Rime is more than just a novel. It is the result of years of writing and hard effort. It is a tale of courage. Without it, this novel would never have been written!

With a pinch of courage, I was able to turn an idea into a novel and a novel into a whole new world. I wish I could write 24/7 but I just love my cup of tea too much!

Follow Asira as she trains to become the best sorceress she can be. But also take a glimpse into the lives of the antagonists. Find out what makes them tick. How their minds work. What drives them forward in life. Patrick is an ex-general of the Velosian Army. His decent into madness occurred a long time ago, but his life continued down a spiraling path of destruction.

His life was turned upside down and suddenly the world wasn’t black and white. He fell from the path of life. He stumbled to find his way. The silence kept growing.

Read more on Patrick in Cinders & Rime.

A very wise man once said….

Sir Volknor Costello has a long and intricate past with Velosia. Wisdom only found through his experience. He understands the excessive strain life can place on a persons shoulders. Only though experience, can you learn to manage it better.

Magic is more than just make believe.

It is more than just our imagination.

Asira was thought that illusions were a trick of the mind and that real magic was a manipulation of the environment.

Our magic is crafting fairytales and weaving great adventures.

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