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Cinders & Rime is more than just a novel. It is the result of years of writing and hard effort. It is a tale of courage. Without it, this novel would never have been written!

Never give up on your idea. It may be worth more to you than anyone else in the beginning but that’s okay. The most important thing is that you love the story. Otherwise, why bother trying to tell it in the first place.

Magic is more than just make believe. Asira was thought that illusions are a trick of the mind and that real magic was a manipulation of the environment. Our magic is crafting these fairytales and weaving great adventures.

As we grow up life gets in the way and our priorities change. If you belief in something, then there should be nothing to stop you. You learn to manage your goals in order to make them achievable.

Follow Asira as she trains to become the best sorceress she can be. But also take a glimpse into the lives of the antagonists. Find out what makes them tick. How their minds work. What drives them forward in life if they have already lost everything dear to them.

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