Cinders & Rime

(book #1 of The Eternal Series)

Open the cover and delve deep into the unknown and enchanting landscape. A magical world filled with werewolves, mermaids, fairies, angels and many more. Follow the adventures of Asira, a young sorceress, eager to learn as much as she can about the supernatural world. But a dark secret lurks in the crevasses of her family history. It seems Asira has bitten of more than she can chew.

Cinders & Rime Bookmark

(bookmark #1 of The Eternal Series)

Reading your favourite book on the bus? Sitting by the open fire? Never lose your page again! The Cinders & Rime Bookmark is the stunning collection piece as part of The Eternal Series.

Checkout book #1 of The Eternal Series, Cinders & Rime, is available for purchase.

Buy direct from the author and receive a signed copy.

Cinders & Rime Gift Bundle

(book #1 of The Eternal Series)

Whether a birthday gift, Christmas present, or self-indulgence! This is a thrilling read for any age.

This Gift Bundle will include a copy of the book, bookmark, standard or personalised gift card and it will be beautifully wrapped with care.

*For any personalised messages, please leave a comment upon order.

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