What inspires you? It could be nature, holiday adventures or a stroll through an art gallery. Music inspires me. I’m not musically gifted but I find that songs, instrumental and orchestral pieces evoke the imaginative cogs inside my brain.

At the moment, I am the author of one published book. Book One of the Eternal Series, Cinders & Rime, has engulfed my life. The world of Velosia is a big part of my day to day as I continue to write the series.

As I write, when I drive or go about my day-to-day, I am listening to music. To give you a taste of what I like to listen to, I’ve listed a few songs below. But to also wet your appetite for reading, I have briefly outlined some characters and places from Cinders & Rime. I would love to hear some song suggestions in the comments that inspire you.

*Disclaimer: I do not own any music, songs, lyrics or images below. The artists are credited below or the site is referenced.

Band: Imagine Dragons
Song: Bones

Asira Soniar, as a sorceress, was born with magic in her very being. Without realising it, she was shrouded from a dark past and a secret that would change her life forever.

Band: imagine Dragons
Song: Wrecked

Kai Soniar, the father to Asira, has lived an unexpectedly rough youth. His past haunts him. His life is cursed by his nightmares. And his biggest fears have been transferred to his daughter.

Band: Bastille
Song: Things we lost in the fire

James Soniar, a.k.a. Inferno, is the twin brother to Kai and Asira’s only uncle. His power is a great force of nature. But he is also haunted by the horrors of the past.

Band: 5 Seconds of Summer
Song: Ghost of you

Losing someone is difficult. This is something Kai knows all too well. The loss of his beloved hit him hard and the events of the past stalk his daily routine. Even James and Volknor have experienced many tragedies.

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