Inaugural blog

Hi everyone! This is my inaugural blog. I want to try to keep these informal, short and sweet. So firstly, to all my dear readers, I’ll give you a taste of what my novel “Cinders & Rime” is all about. This blog will be a way for me to diarize my aspects of writing, keep anyone listening up to date on news and information.

Cinders & Rime” tells the tale of a young sorceress, Asira Soniar, who moves to a newly established prestigious academy, where she makes unusual life long friends. Her dream is to live her true self, follow her heart and see where the magic takes her. For most of her life it has just been Asira and her dad. Although life was perfect, she wanted just a little bit more.

The world of Velosia began as a small ink blotch on an old copy hidden in the wardrobe. It was comprised of snippets and scenes that were stitched together until the bones of the story resembled some sort of first draft. Eventually, after a long decade, my novel has been published. I really never thought I would have been brave enough to publish it but I am so glad I did. It’s not easy letting go of any fears and doubts but it was definitely worth it.

Some exciting news, I’ve recently recorded a book interview. It will be available in the coming days so stay tuned. I will post details on my website and Instagram!

I hope you stay tuned, like and follow my Instagram & all other account links can be found on my website. Check out my debut novel “Cinders & Rime” available on Amazon, and Des Kenny Bookshop.

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