2nd blog

Hi everyone! Hope you are all doing really well at the moment. I know times are still a little tough. It is important to keep our minds active and distracted. That is why I love reading. Particularly sci-fi and fantasy. We get to experience different worlds and explore vast untouched landscapes and meet incredible characters.

Some news! I’ve recently just been interviewed for a radio station in Ireland. I’m so excited! It will be releasing in the next week or so and I will share a link on my website and social media accounts.

For those of you who are reading “Cinders & Rime“, I am finalising the first draft of the second book at the moment. I am not totally sure if I’ll stick with the title I have but let’s just call it book #2. I’m hoping to have book #2 out around the same time as I released book #1 this year. It will follow the same story of Asira and her family. That’s all I’ll say for now.

As well as news, I plan on discussing writing tips and my experience in these blogs. So, until next time, stay safe!

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