Book review #1

Hi everyone! Not sure what the weather is like in the rest of the country (by rest of the country I mean Ireland) and the rest of the world, but as I’m writing this review, it is currently overcast (the sky is literally painted the same colour of grey), there is a constant scary windy howl and it is raining…nonstop!

Onto bigger and better things. I thought it would be a nice idea to share some fantastical books I’ve read. This is my first book review, so let’s begin. At the beginning of August I read a book by Erika Agnew, Dragonsown. It took me so long, between work, home life, and exams to actually write this review, I had the delightful pleasure to re-read Dragonsown over the past week. It is a fantasy-based genre and is set a century after a devasting war known as ‘The War of Black Ash’. This same war saw the end of dragons as a species. I’ll outline a short synopsis of the book and I will try to avoid any spoilers. I’m one of those people that love the intensity of a scene, so I really despise spoilers. The book is worth the read as it holds a lot of twists and turns.

The synposis:
The story revolves around twin brothers, Kael and Keaton. A pair of handsome young bachelors born and raised in the Kingdom of Ryk. Their father, Lord Graydon, is a tough figure to comprehend. Years after the death of their mother, Lord Graydon remarries to a young woman only a few years older than the twins, Lady Bria.

Early on we find out that Kael is quite sick and his ailments grow increasingly distressing. His stomach pains and headaches become unbearable. His fears swell at an alarming rate when he begins to hallucinate monsters lurking in the shadows. Upon fearing ridicule by his family and peers, as well as losing his title and the girl of his dreams, Kael seeks answers. As the title would suggest, dragons play a big role in the plotline. When Kael runs away on his own accord, Keaton is both distraught and angry. But soon the twins are caught in between an escapade of fact and fiction. They must decide for themselves what is the true course of action. Everything they have ever known changes in the blink of an eye. Their world tossed into chaos. What else would you expect from a fantasy novel?

My favourite part:
I’d say my favourite part of the entire book would be at the end, the big battle scene. After all the trials and tribulations, the twin brothers return to the throne room of King Jairdan…drumroll please! Hurry up and read the book to find out why this is my favourite part.  

My rating:
Dragonsown is both gripping and fun to read. If you like dragons, then this might just be the book for you. It is twenty-six chapters long with a prologue and epilogue. Initially I got some shire vibes as the protagonist ran carefree through the green hilly fields. It was a typical medieval setting for a fantasy novel. This is not a bad thing. Erika is a talented writer and the book is well worth the read, hence why I tried to avoid spoilers. I would give Dragonsown a chilling 4 out of 5 howls. I look forward to the second instalment.

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