Was I nervous? Of course I was. It was my first interview as a published author. Teresa Quinn and Bookline from Liffey Sound were wonderful to speak with and made me feel more comfortable and less anxious. I really enjoyed myself and I think the interview went really well. If you missed your chance to hear it on the radio, checkout the link below.

I would like to add a few little extra bits I didn’t get to mention on the interview. For a taste of the novel, “Cinders & Rime” is a teens and young-adult fantasy novel and the first in “the Eternal series“. I have a few books planned for this series but the idea began as a trilogy. Every author adores to hear that readers found their book thrilling, adventurous and beautifully written. But authors also love to hear that the reader enjoyed the characters – how a certain character was portrayed, how they acted throughout the book, their goals or aims, and their development in the tale.

I often wonder how many authors base the protagonist on themselves and if many of the supporting cast portray close friends or family? For “Cinders & Rime” I began Asira’s description based on myself, as the story was originally for my eyes only. A lot of the characters began as basic models and soon began taking on more humanistic features and personalities. Love is a tough aspect to write about at the best of time. If you read “Cinders & Rime” you will discover Asira’s potential suitors. Though, if I am being honest, I want Asira to look oblivious to anyone who seems interested in her romantically and a little awkward. After all, she is a teenager and at the beginning of the book she is only 18 years old. What 18 year old is confident in her love life? Asira thinks of nothing more than hanging out with her best friend, Amy, and magic. Magic is an obsession. She has spent years practicing with her dad and begs to travel around the magical world her dad grew up in.

I would love to hear anyone’s comments or views on the characters in my story. Who is your favourite and why? If I were to say right now who is my favourite character in “Cinders & Rime” I would have to say Eoin. Eoin Quinn is my only Irish character. He was born into a ancient Irish leprechaun family of farming background. Leprechauns in the world of Velosia are not short, charming red-heads with a pot of gold. Leprechauns are like anyone else, except they have a unique ability to understand and encourage plants, crops and any sort of vegetation to grow. A wonderful gift for any farming family, particularly in Ireland!

Another character that I really enjoyed writing about was Cara Griffith. Cara is the crowned Princess of Atlantis and the youngest daughter to King Roland of the Maria Empire. Unlike many stories where mermaids are bond to the oceans or have to use a spell to walk on land, the merfolk in Velosia are born with the ability to transform at will – giving them the unique advantage of both land and sea life. Cara becomes a close friend of Asira’s and is one of the many people to help Asira on her journey.

Cinders & Rime” is available on kindle or paperback. Comment, like, follow and share on any of my social media accounts. I hope you all enjoy the magical first instalment to “the Eternal series“.

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