Charity support

Like many people, I believe it is important to give to charities when and where we can. Why is it so important? Well, firstly it makes you feel good. It impacts our personal values and strengthens our social conscience. Share the love and generosity and make it apart of who you are. More crucially, it helps fund important research for diseases and other ailments. We don’t always think about it, but research that is occurring now or in the future could help you or a person close to you.

It is important to remember, supporting a charity doesn’t have to mean donating money. Supporting a charity could also mean giving your time and effort or an event hosted by the charity, or to help spread the word.

Along with many authors, I will be donating a signed copy of my book “Cinders & Rime” to be offered as part of an auction prize for the American Cancer Society in support of breast cancer awareness and research. The 2021 Rosé Gala will be held in October. The night will feature food, dancing and an auction in aid of cancer research.

A little background: for over 100 years the American Cancer Society has been supporting cancer research. Today, they are the largest private, not-for-profit funder for charity research in America.

For more information on the 2021 Rosé Gala or if you wish to donate a book please reach out to melonyannauthor directly.

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